Terms and Conditions

Please carefully review all the terms and conditions before buying from Sexpills.us.

  • Be sure to review the website’s rules and terms and conditions. Sexpills is permitted to modify its policies and regulations at any moment
  • We do not sell medications for resale or any other commercial purpose. Bulk orders will be processed, but solely for individual use. Sexpills.us has the authority to take action in the event of improbable occurrences
  • All of the medicines sold at Sexpills.us are manufactured by reputable Indian pharmaceutical businesses that follow WHO’s healthcare standards and regulations. The chemical composition of our generic medications and their US counterparts are identical.
  • After placing an order with Sexpills, please check your email for confirmation. We instantly charge the credit card. However, delivery cannot be made within 24 hours, and the buyer will be contacted and compensated in case of cancellation.

The User Agreement:

  • Buyers at Sexpills are aware that we do not permit selling medicines for commercial purposes and that Sexpills.us reserves the right to take action in such a case.
  • The buyer/user is informed and agrees that the pharmaceuticals are manufactured in other nations, and they have no objections.
  • That the user has consulted a licensed doctor before purchasing the medication.
  • The buyer/consumer must notify us of any issues or confusion.

The user can freely buy from us by reading and agreeing to the abovementioned terms and conditions. 

Any violation of these terms and conditions resulting in the tragic occurrence is the entire responsibility of the consumer/buyer.

Your Personal Information

All the information requested by Sexpills ensures a smooth and convenient buying experience for the user/consumer

We will request your email address, phone number, and payment information during the whole transaction process.

Sexpills.us does not share your personal information with any third parties and only uses it to enhance your user experience.


We guarantee that all of your information is highly protected and secure with Sexpills.us. 

To protect user/buyer information, SSL encryption technology encrypts all data delivered over the Internet to facilitate online sales.

Your Consent

By agreeing to use our services, you authorize Sexpills.us to access your information and other details for the buying experience.

If the terms and conditions or policies are modified, the updated information will be posted on the website. 

Before shopping with us, users are encouraged to review the website’s content thoroughly.

Drug Policy

Sexpills.us does not and will not sell any controlled substances or narcotics to its users/buyers.