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Careprost is an eyedrop that contains Bimatoprost as an active ingredient. This 3 ml eye drop bottle helps treat glaucoma and other eye problems.  Glaucoma is an eye disorder that is associated with optic nerve damage. As it progresses, it results in progressive retinal ganglion cell loss and irreversible blindness. Other than this, Ocular Hypertension is an eye disorder characterized by higher than usual intraocular pressure in the eye. Bimatoprost reduces the pressure in the eyeball by increasing the expulsion of aqueous humour, a clear watery fluid filling the space in front of an eyeball.

Additional information

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution



Doses Form

Eye Drop

Pack Size

3, 6, 9, 12


Sun Pharma


This 3 ml bottle of eye drops helps treat Glaucoma and other problems concerning the eyes.

It is sold at most drug stores and can only be taken with a prescription from a doctor.

Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is also popular as a serum. It contains clinically tested and FDA-approved Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution as the main ingredient.

It makes Careprost work as the best way to grow long, beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. If you use this serum every day, you can quickly get eyelashes that are full, thick, and long.


Careprost eye drop treats excessive intraocular pressure caused by Glaucoma (open-angle type) or other eye conditions (such as Ocular Hypertension). 

Reducing intraocular pressure can help avoid blindness. This eye drop maintains normal eye pressure by regulating fluid flow within the eye.

Careprost was first used to help people with Glaucoma, but 80% of those with Glaucoma also saw their eyelashes grow. This leads to it being the best generic eyelash and eyebrow growth treatment solution.

Careprost eye drops are used to treat several medical problems, including:

  • Glaucoma is a condition of the eyes linked to damage to the optic nerve. As it gets worse, it leads to the loss of retinal ganglion cells and permanent blindness
  • Ocular Hypertension is a condition where the pressure inside the eye is higher than usual
  • Hypotrichosis of the eyes means that the eyelashes have a lot less hair than they should

Careprost is an innovative way to get the eyelashes and eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to spend time and money on treatments when you can grow your own in 6–8 weeks.


Careprost comes in only one strength of 3ml. 

Another similar product is Bimat 0.03%. The active ingredient in this eye drop is also Bimatoprost.

How it works 

Careprost contains the active component Bimatoprost, which reduces intraocular pressure by enhancing the outflow of aqueous humor (clear watery fluid filling the space in front of an eyeball).

As the primary active ingredient, Bimatoprost encourages the growth of eyelashes and makes them longer and healthier.

Careprost’s formulation also provides a healthy environment, which encourages the formation of new eyelashes.

Careprost can also be applied to the eyebrows to make them thicker and fuller.


Always keep Careprost at room temperature in a clean, dark and dry place. 

This bottle has a shelf life of 4 weeks. Replace the bottle every four weeks.



When using Careprost eye drops for treating Glaucoma, simultaneously use the drop each day. 

The night would be the best-suited time to maintain consistency. 

Have you ever attempted to line your eyelids with eyeliner? In the same manner, the Careprost eyelash serum is applied.

How to apply

  • Choose a fine eyeliner brush
  • Use the brush as a dispenser
  • Apply the eyelash serum as close as possible to the lash
  • Remove any remaining product

Missed Dose 

It is preferred that you use Careprost eye drops each day simultaneously. It is the most potent when used regularly.

In case of a missed dose, apply/ use it as soon as you remember. If the time of the next dose is close, skip the previous dose.


Do not take double doses of Careprost 3ml eye drops. If you have taken two doses, consult the doctor as soon as possible. 

Wash your eye with clean water.

Side Effects

Bimatoprost Careprost is one of the most remarkable discoveries ever to grace the eyelash world.

As you are already aware, the transition from genuine Careprost eyedrops to Careprost eyelash growth was a desirable side effect.

However, Careprost still has additional undesirable effects that disappear after a while. These side effects are as follows: 

Iris darkening

Iris darkening is a rare side effect observed in less than 1% of Glaucoma patients taking Careprost.

Using Careprost as an eyelash serum can reduce the likelihood of experiencing this adverse effect.

Eye redness and irritation

Suppose you are experiencing severe eye redness or irritation after using Careprost eyelash serum.

Remove any remaining substance from your eyes by rinsing them with simple water.

When you first start using Careprost eyelash serum, it is usual to experience a minor burning sensation.

You need not be concerned initially.


People using Careprost eyedrops to treat Glaucoma may first suffer a minor headache.

If severe headaches recur, Careprost should be discontinued.

Allergic responses

Reactions such as rashes, itching, and facial swelling are uncommon but may occur in some individuals.

Stop using the eye drop immediately and consult your doctor if this occurs.


Drug interactions can develop when a medication’s constituents interact with another medication or food.

Additionally, it can treat any illness you may be experiencing.

Therefore, being honest with your doctor about medical history and medications is usually recommended.

Some interactions with Careprost 3 ml include:

Drug Interactions 

  • Travoprost
  • Latanoprost
  • Heart medicine ( Quinidine)
  • Depression medicines ( Paroxetine, Fluoxetine) 
  • The medication for lowering blood pressure ( Nifedipine, Verapamil) 

Disease Interactions 

  • Uveitis refers to the eyes’ swelling, which can be caused or elevated by Careprost.
  • Macular Oedema: It is a condition affecting the center of the retina. Careprost should be used only after referring the doctor if suffering from this condition.
  • Heart disease
  • A respiratory illness (Asthma, COPD)
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Liver or Kidney problem

Food Interactions 

Careprost 0.03% 3ml drops might not work well with alcohol or other multivitamins. It is best to consult your doctor for the best advice.


To get the most out of this medicine, you should take it as prescribed. Remember to use it every day at the same time.

Before using Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, you should keep in mind the following details:

  • You are not allergic to any of its components
  • Before using the product, you remove contact lenses
  • Your physician is aware of your surgeries, pre-existing conditions, medications, and eating habits
  • Keep the eye drops out of children’s reach
  • Carefully read the instructions on the label

You shouldn’t wash the dropper. After each use, put a new cap on the dropper and make sure the cap is on tight.

If you are using eye drops or ointments, you should wait at least 5 minutes before taking other eye medications. Use eye ointments after the eye drops so that eye drops can get into the eye.

Even if you feel fine, you should keep taking Bimatoprost. Most people with Glaucoma or high eye pressure don’t have any signs.


Does Careprost need to be refrigerated?

No, Careprost does not require a refrigerator. It should be stored in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight.

Careprost should be stored at or below 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit, or room temperature.

Despite optimal storage settings, Careprost has a four-week shelf life.

Even if there is plenty of product in the bottle, it should be replaced to prevent infection.

Who can purchase Careprost?

Anyone above the age of 16 can purchase Careprost.

Consider obtaining Careprost from a reputable online pharmacy if you are a student with a limited budget.

Does Careprost work?

Careprost has been used to treat Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension for a long time.

Since it has Bimatoprost, it has also been used as a Careprost eyelashes growth serum.

Actual eyelash effects could take longer than four weeks to manifest. Give Careprost serum between 8 and 12 weeks for results to become visible.

How long can a bottle of Careprost last?

Careprost Opthalmic Solution has a shelf life of 4 weeks for a 3ml bottle.

So, once the bottle is opened, it must be used within four weeks.

Is Careprost the same as Latisse?

Bimatoprost, the active ingredient, is in both Latisse and Careprost.

They are all brand names for the same medicine called Bimatoprost.

Sun Pharma makes careprost, but Allergan is in charge of making Latisse.

Does Careprost interact with other medicines? 

Careprost is a safe eye drop that can be used by itself. Since the FDA has approved the active ingredient, the Ophthalmic Solution is safe and works well.

But you should talk to your doctor about this before getting a prescription for Careprost to treat Glaucoma and intraocular Hypertension.

While taking Careprost, you should not take the following medicines:

  • Travoprost 
  • Latanoprost 
  • Xalatan

When using Careprost, always wait 10 to 15 minutes between eyedrops. If you wear contact lenses, you should take them out before applying.


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